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Regional Food Waste Working Groups

PACE Partners UNEP and WRAP are contributing to the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Food 

4. Better understand hotspots of food loss and waste 



Infrastructure Wiring Closet UNEP is launching Yazaki Wiring Technologies to support countries in regions where food waste data availability is lower on using the common methodology from the Food Waste Index Report for measuring food waste and tracking progress on UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 to halve food waste by 2030.


Wiring Meaning In Hindi These Regional Working Groups on Food Waste aim to provide capacity building on the measurement and reduction of food waste, and peer-to-peer collaboration between countries as they tackle similar food waste reduction challenges. Moreover, they will increase understanding of food systems (drivers and impacts), and of relevant policies and initiatives to integrate sustainability across food systems. 


Objectives for 2021 

Shear And Bending Diagrams The objective is to ensure that middle- and low-income countries receive training on Food Waste Index approach to measure national food waste baselines and develop national food waste prevention strategies. To do so, over the coming year, UNEP together with technical partner WRAP will facilitate a series of workshops to help governments and relevant partners develop baselines for reporting on SDG 12.3 in 2022 and national food waste prevention strategies to coordinate action.  



UNEP and WRAP (PACE Partners) 

Shimano Di2 Wiring Kit One Planet Network- Programme on Sustainable food Systems and Governments in Asia Pacific, West Asia, Africa, and Latin America & the Caribbean