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PACE Partner Laudes Foundation is contributing to the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Textiles 

Caterpillar Engine Diagram 4. Guide and support new business models for environmental, financial, and social triple-win 



Mercedes S430 Wiring Diagram The Ajax Motor Wiring Diagram unites the textile industry and its stakeholders to speak in one voice and to propose policies that accelerate circular practices in the apparel and footwear industry. It stems from the acknowledgement that to reach full circularity for textiles, we need to link from end to end the five stages in the production process: (1) design, (2) materials (3) production (4) consumption, and (5) post-consumption. 


Objectives for 2021  

The Policy Hub is working towards the following goals: 

  • Trailer Wiring Parts Ensuring that climate neutrality is recognized as an objective of the textile strategy and CEAP. 

  • Photocell Switch Wiring Diagram Promoting a holistic policy approach in the textiles value chain, ranging from design, materials, production, consumption to post-consumptions. 

  • Establishing clear EU-guidelines for consumer facing transparency. 

1994 Lesabre Wiring Diagram In June 2021, the Policy Hub has published a Position Paper on Accelerating Transparency for Apparel & Footwear. 



Laudes Foundation (PACE Partner) 

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